To Whom it May Concern


Regrettably after two weeks of trying to find a solution to our financial difficulties, at 16:00, Tuesday the 29th of July 2014, Asian Pacific / Fly Olympic filed for bankruptcy after 25 years in business.


The new operation to Africa performed dramatically below all reasonable expectations, and the losses sustained were too great for a company of our size to survive. We had discussed with several investment groups over the last 10 days in a bid to save the company but unfortunately time ran out.


All flights are cancelled and all reservations are therefore also cancelled.


Nova Advokatbyran has been appointed as the administrator.


All questions should be sent via e-mail to:


All claims / refund requests should be sent via e-mail to:


We deeply regret this decision and we apologize to all our customers and suppliers.


Yours Sincerely



The Team @ Asian Pacific / Fly Olympic